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Netflix movies 2020
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Netflix is playing an important role in providing entertainment to the generation – Netflix movies 2020

It has range of movies from drama to fiction, love stories to comedies, real based stories and many more. Netflix has got the best movies for you. Netflix has some of the amazing series to satisfy your entertainment expectation. Best movies 2020

To watch the best movies and videos all you need a subscription to it and a strong internet connection. Netflix is like your cable channel but with a twist. Here you can watch your favourite videos from the library at anytime and anywhere.

Finding the best movie among thousand is a strong challenge. You need to find something that fits your taste and mood and sometimes it can be very time taking and confusing to decide on this. netflix movies 2020

Here we have tried to help you a bit by sharing the best list of the movies available on netflix
We have walked through the libraries to grab videos from all variety.

The English Game on netflix india

This best series is based on football. It is about England in 1879. This says that no working class had ever reached the quarter-finals of FA cup. This story is about the battle between public school -educated establishments against the impoverished factory workers of a Northern Lancashire town.
This story is not about beautiful game but how fast fellows can pile them high and sell them wide.

Okja netflix

This is another mostly viewed movie on Netflix. It is based on oddball creature and a treat to watch for animal lovers.
This movie so far is and exciting tale of a young girl and her best friend who is a huge creature name Okja. The storyline revolves about friendship, saving each other from evil plans. This series will give you beautiful insight of nature and bond.

moonlight netflix

It is a generational drama.
The great story of this movie moves on the three very difficult life stages of a boy : his childhood, teenage and adulthood. The child name Chiron has to struggle all by himself with no support and guidance. He is fighting for his own identity and sexuality with his emotionally toxic mother

the irishman netflix

Here comes the crime drama.
The cast of this story are De Niro, Pesci and Pacino.
The Irishman is a life story spanning around the association with the Bufalino crime family recounted by Sheeran. This is really a rewarding drama.

the marriage story netflix

The genre of this movie is Character Drama having best actors : Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson.
This a a sympathetic movie tracked on a failing marriage and tough times during fallout. The marraige story is best movie for those who love to understand the feelings human relation.
A ghost story

A Ghost story is a bone chilling watch. The story revolves around a dead man whose soul comes back to haunt his wife. Casey affleck is playing the role of the man whereas Rooney Mara the haunted wife.The construction of film is extremely superb and you will easily feel connected and involved with the story if you believe in life after death.

life after beth netflix – netflix movies 2020

Cast : Aubry Plaza

Though the name falls into the category of ghost movie but this movie gives a surprise of zombie movie. The beautiful Aubry Plaza is showcasing the perfection of her acting here. She is playing a role of teenage girl who leads to death bed because of serious illness. She returns back as zombie and showcases the behaviour of human and zombie. This is more of a suspense over horror.

to all the boys i’ve loved before movie

Story : This is rom-com movie similar to Set It Up. This show is based on book with same name and Best movies 2020.
The story has found the places in the heart of the people.

kill bill vol 1 and 2

This movie is has an martail art thrill.
This movie is best for those who love Cinematic Violence.

Cast : Uma Thurman and David Carradine

The storyline of this movie rotates about revenge. This thrilling movies sees bride seeking revenge from her past love interest Bill. The first of the movie is full of action and fast paced whereas second is slower and have a sorrow platform.

solo a star wars story netflix

This is Science – fiction and space opera based movie.

The star war in this movie circles about the origins of Han Solo And consist of terrific fun.
Beside the story the movie contains few clunky moments that makes the movie more interesting. netflix movies 2020
This is the best watched movie when you want to have something to lighten your mood.

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