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”Due to the lockdown, everyone is following – “ Eat- Sleep and Repeat”. Days might seem lengthy and nights boring. But, here you have got best source of entertainment, that is your mobile phones.” – best online games

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best online games
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You can watch best videos and play best online games.

Who doesn’t like Gaming?

Gaming is the best activity that has existed as a hobby since long time. Earlier people used to play ludos, chess, outdoor games. These games have gained new look in this technological world.
Yes, online has got us some of the best games for quarrantine.

You can play these online games with multiplayer technology and have an experience of real gaming with friends.
You can play game with your family members, friends. People of all age and across the globe can join you in these best online games.

Due to the pandemic Coronavirus, many countries are facing complete lockdown. So to make your day bit easier you can play these games at the comfort of your place.

Let’s start with the list of top games you can play and enjoy during this lockdown:


PUBG best online games, 
best online games
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Pubg is one of the most famous games and ruling the industry since more than 2 years. This is a free game for Android and IOS. This is a fighter game where you need to kill your opponents to achieve scores and rewards.
This game has got one of the best user interface and allows you to chat with your team admist of playing the game. The game offers several different game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale mode etc.
But, to have more great experience of real time gaming this onine game need high end tools.
The good fact about this game is that PUBG is also available in lite version to work on less technically equipped mobile phones.

3D Truck Driving:

best online games
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This is a free game available online for Android and IOS platform.
This a very realistic game, giving a sense of real truck driving through different terrain and weather conditions.
You have multiple view angle option and have to follow the map. This game is really interesting as you always come across unpredictable turns and is totally based on the activities of truck drivers. The trucks are loaded with delivery items that are required to be delivered at certain spot within specified time slot. So here enjoy your quarantine with this driving game and enhance your driving skills on line. 3D Truck Driving Simulator – Real Driving Games

Call of Duty

best online games
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This is a free game available on internet for both android or IOS phones.
This game is biggest online game launched last year and has crossed over 50+ million downloads.
This is a multiplayer game providing a vast range of characters and maps with multiplayer mode.
This game also has in-chat feature to allow you to communicate with your team mates while playing.

Carrom Pool

best online games
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This is a free to play game operational on both Android and IOS phones.
This game is a digital version of popular traditional game called Carrom Board. The maximum number of player that can play this game at a time are 4. All the rules of the game are similar o the traditional one.
You need to be very careful and attentive for the strike.
Hee you will get a needle shape on the screen to focus the target of the striker. Fix the target and pull back the striker for an attempt.
You can send your invite to your friends and ask them to join you online sitting at their homes or place only.

Ludo King:

best online games
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This is the first game available on time. Ludo King is a free game and available for both Android and IOS operators.
This game has across 300 million downloads. This game is truly based on our traditional Ludo game. Ludo king is also a multiplayer game where you can connect with other online. You can enjoy this game sitting at home or at office.

Sea of Thieves:

best online games
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The game is really next to impossible to play without friends. As the name suggests, This game is based on pirates theme. This game has a visual of boat sailing across the sea. This boat requires multiple people to operate other crew members roles .Here You have locate out the enemy and have to really work hard to adjust the target. Sea of Thieves give a visual of Pirates of Caribbean Sea.
This game develops a touch of traditional days of sailing across the sea and the risk that involved within it. It is n nice game with good user interface and design.
The game is available for the devices operating on Android as well as.

Real Basketball

best online games
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The above game is also operational on Android and IOS devices.
This game is exclusively for basketball lovers. If you love to play basketball or if even are fan of it then this game is fr you. All you need to know is the rules of the game well and how the buttons operate the movement.

We hope that these games can reduce your boredom level during this quarantine.
To overcome this condition all you need is patience and strong will power.

Stay safe and enjoy the time with family!


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