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Looking for an earning, but not able to find a good source. If you are also facing this issue then this information is for you. We have collected some best online jobs and the best online job portals to help you. (best online jobs near me)

So starting with some of the best genuine online sites for searching job online are:

1. Dice

best online jobs near me

This is the best job search site for tech people based in New York. You can easily find a genuine job post matching your profile. Dice has helped out many companies to find suitable technical candidates and vice versa.

You can search for a job by title, company, location and job type. You need to build your profile here and use correct keywords so that your profile can easily be searched by job providers.

The site also has a newsletter that publishes new details about tech careers and innovations that will keep you ahead in your job search.

So, in short, Dice is the best online job search portal for tech workers. Dice works better is the US and UK

2. Indeed

best jobs from all industries available here.

Indeed stood out of the rest as it has millions of job seekers and job postings. This job site is also more functional in the US and UK. Indeed collects data from all other job websites and company websites and publishes on its page. 

You can find all sorts of jobs from all industries available here. 

We can say that Indeed can be one-stop for all kinds of job search. They have jobs for all levels and all industries. The best part is that it collects data from all and refers to it to you. All you need is to build up your free profile. Upload your resume. 

You can search for a job by title, type, and location and also create customized job alerts. They will send you an email whenever the search hits a job matching your profile or job alert.

3. Glassdoor

Jobs & Career - find jobs,

Another top-ranking job portal is Glassdoor. This is mostly a sort of career community with transparency about the company’s work culture.  The company recruit top talent from glassdoor.

Glassdoor users can get access to job listing and details regarding companies. Glassdoor stands as an industry leader regarding salary. For the Glassdoor community, you need to build a strong profile.


- Google Careers

Google has a program named Google for jobs. Google search engine runs an algorithm and fetches all the relevant jobs listed under your search. You can narrow the job search result by adding more filters like salary, location, and experience.

The Google search can be a great time saver as it collects all the jobs available on different sites and allows you to apply directly to all the jobs. Google can give you the result based on your query irrespective of your geographical locations.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn rose up with the idea to connect all the professionals across the globe so that they can share information that could help each other.

Later, it developed as a job posting site where people post job openings that they are aware of. 

Ober LinkedIn people post, refer and recruit people. But to get recruited here you need to have very strong connections that could help you in getting care to multiple job posts. LinkedIn is all about networking. 

You need to make a strong profile over LinkedIn which is free of cost. But they also have a premium section which is a paid version of job search.

You can check all the jobs available on LinkedIn through the Jobs section in your profile. All you need is to keep your profile updated and have a strong connection list.

LinkedIn is more helpful for people having experience in certain traits, unlike others.

6. Linkup

job seekers in the US, Uk,

If you are tired of spams, junk, and fake job posting then you should once give a try to Linkup. The linkup is for job seekers in the US, Uk, and other European countries. Linkup only posts jobs from the company’s websites that you may not be able to see on other sites.

As an applicant you can be free from the thought of fake job postings.

Your application directly reaches the employer and increases the chances of getting recruited.

7. Ziprecruiter

 jobs near me- Employment Tips, Tricks, & Trends

This is a young site that is very keen and has a strong vision to help people who are searching jobs online.

This application has a different model of recruitment. They have implemented innovative strong methods and implementations for job search. You need to create your login access, complete your profile and get ready to be recruited. The best part of Ziprecruiter is that it provides you only the profile that matches you and will not club junk in your mail.

8. Upwork (best online jobs near me)

freelancers and outsource their work

Upwork has brought the new trend and speed in the recruitment of freelancers and gig-based workers. This works globally.

Upwork has made a platform where freelancers and companies meet. The companies select the freelancers and outsource their work to them.

You can search for your job according to your profile and make an attractive profile on Upwork which will attract multiple recruiters and increase your chance of getting projects.


 top-ranked job search portal in India

This is the top-ranked job search portal in India for job search. You need to create your profile and add your skills. The companies post the available jobs and you can apply directly with your profile and resumes.

The advice to get a job more quickly is to keep your profiles updated and to be responsive so that you easily get screened in the search algorithm of recruiters. Adding a profile picture is more suggestive to stand against the other profiles.

10. Careerbuilder

Software Solutions

Careerbuilder is one of the topmost job boards most famous in the US, UK and India for job search . Career builder is a full solution for an applicant. Career builder allows job posting, resume posting, career advice and other programs to help job seekers.

Career builders have tie ups with companies and directly post the openings available in the company. Apart from companies, they have also tied up with newspapers to post their classified ads online.

11. Times Jobs

Job Search | best job near city

Times Jobs have risen as another top portal for job search. Times job is a free portal where you can add, apply to the job post. All you need is to create your profile, customize your job search. You can directly apply to the job posts of the employers and increase the chances of getting recruited.

So, now you have options for the top online job searches. Now prepare your resume and profile and get ready to be recruited at earliest. Finding a job can be a very tedious task if you are not on a correct map.

Always make your profile and resume strong that makes it suitable for the company. (best online jobs near me)

All the best for the job search!

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