Cartoon avatar maker: how to make a cartoon avatar of yourself

Cartoon avatar maker: Avatar means to resemble someone close to his original shape and size. The same is with this technical avatar. Avatar is a kind of cartoonized image that gives us an option to create a cartoon or animated version of anything and use it the way we want.

We can use avatars in multiple ways and this has been a trendy style for the past few years. But, one question that everyone has is : What is it usually used for, what are its benefits?

Are you  the one who does not  like to put profile pictures on social media accounts ?

Is it that you are afraid that your pictures are not good and hene never put them anywhere?

Need something more creative for your video and presentation?

Getting bored of viewing old pictures again and again?

Cannot find something interesting to do during lockdown?

Want to have something to check your creative hands?

Yes, the answer to all these questions is to try to work on creating avatars. 

You can place an avatar cartoon on your profile pic, use them anywhere you want to and also check your creative.Apart from the above mentioned points, avatar can be used beyond to no limit. It all depends how much you can search its uses and utility.

So, now you know how we can use an avatar. The next valid question is from where can we use it or get it done?  Solution to this problem is that there are multiple free and aid tools, websites and application available on internet to ease your task of avatar cartoon creation 

Here we have shared some best online websites to create avatar cartoon easily:

Face your Manga -Cartoon avatar maker

Cartoon avatar maker

Using this application you can very easily create avatar cartoons with your photos. The avatar created will resemble much closer to you in actuality. 

The application has other add ons to beautify or decorate your avatar according to your choice. The application has given privilege to add blemishes, band aid etc. You can modify your brows and complexion according to your likes and dislikes.

My Blue robot

Cartoon avatar maker

This avatar making tool provides you with many interesting and unique features. You can be more creative with your eyes and head in this application.You can make the size of your eye different from the usual one. With the help of magnifying glass you can zoom in or out for the eyes.

You can create an avatar cartoon with variation from actual. You can also change the orientation of the head as they have multiple angles to tilt it. It is much fun to work with Blue Robot.


Cartoon avatar maker

As the name suggests, a moron face generates a very funny visual of the face. You can distort, highlight, change the angle of your face as much as you want. You can generate funny faces very cleverly.After the changes being done, it is a possibility that expressions of your face will resemble the mentally challenged people. But everything will be reflected in a cartoon way.


how to create a cartoon avatar, how to make a cartoon avatar in photoshop

This is one of the easiest and simple ways to create your cartoon character. You really do not need to be a graphic designer or a professional to work on this tool.  The quickest way to create realistic cartoon avatars of your photo has got multiples of 100’s graphics. With this website, you can create avatars without any special software.


Cartoon avatar maker

This web application provides you such a wide range of features and options to select from.The application is best to create the online characters. Starting with the app for the first time

You need to club your face together in the beginning. Later you can work on eyes, lips and face. Once you are done with restructuring the face and body, let’s move to the fashion section. In this section, You can add your clothes, more makeovers, accessories. After this you can also change the background landscape according to the cartoon characters outlook.

This app gives a full fledged platform  to  experiment your taste and creativity.


This is a successful social media platform that gives you immense exposure to easily create all the cartoons. In this you need to create your personalized templates with the edit image tools.

You can also use other people’s template to create an animated cartoon characters

Portrait Avatar maker

how to create a cartoon avatar, how to make a cartoon avatar in photoshop

This application is best known to generate random cartoon sketches for you. This is really getting a surprise. That’s not all, you can edit the images according to your need and can use the customized images wherever you want to.

Be Funky

how to create a cartoon avatar, how to make a cartoon avatar in photoshop

BeFunky is having far more than you could imagine. This is a perfect blend of the computer generated images, packed with new inventions and boundaries of creativity. This is best for those who want to work with technology embedded with creativity. So, this application provides more inventive methods to create avatars.


This is a fabulous website that allows you to create  3D avatar cartoons with all your creative and editing tools.It even allows your work to share it directly on social media, blogs and content or any other destination you want to.

This site is a top site to create 3D animations. One can directly use it free with signing up with a facebook account. So lodin today and enjoy free 3D avatars  


who plays zuko in avatar the last airbender cartoon, how to create cartoon avatar from photo

This is another famous site functioning similar to other sites. Using this you can create an avatar according to your creativity, likeness and mood. Later on you can also share the avatar to other social sites, messenger apps and anywhere else you want.

Using DoppelMe is also easy and quick.

Dude Factory

This is another free website that allows users to create their own cartoons. All the features of the Dude factory are free to use. This provides a wide variety of outfits, dresses and body parts to choose from. With the Dude factory, you can create your own symbol for your statement and mental status.


This site is a free sight that allows users to create their replica. The main purpose of this site is to help users to create their animated caricatures to represent their mood and habits. It is super easy to use. Though the site is basic but provides the best entertainment while creating the own avatar

Pick a face

As the name suggests, this app wants you to select the photograph on which you want to do editing. Select an image from the gallery and make the changes in it using filters and editing options available in the site. This is somewhat similar to work on as beauty applications.

This is another unique application that allows any photo with a landscape or background to change into watercolor painting. Apart from watercolor change, the site is smart enough to allow users to change their facial expression. So, with this app you can change any photo from your gallery to watercolor painting . If the image is having human faces then you can change their expressions also.

South Park Avatar

Handled by South Park Studio, this allows you to create your own avatar as per your need and creativity and share it wherever you want to.

So, as you have a deep knowledge of avatars. Using the above-mentioned websites and applications you can easily create the best avatars and use them anywhere you want to. 

So, start expressing with the help of an avatar or animated cartoon. This could be very entertaining, surprising, and creative at the same time.

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