Best bags collection 2020

Slay in a trendy way! – Get the best bags for your daily work

We all love to keep ourselves organized. All want the best bags that we can carry to our schools, colleges and offices and keep our things pretty much organized. Everyone need bags according to our need but it’s a human habit that if we have something nice and beautiful we care more for it. Same happens with Our daily usage bags.

Best bag for women

The way you keep your things in your bags say a lot about you. Here, we have got some best bags for women and girls that they can carry to their schools, colleges, offices and travelling. Nice bags enhance our personality and boost up our mood every time we fetch it to draw things out of it.

Let’s start with our best bags collection for women and girls going to office and colleges and discuss different styles of bags in 2020. If you like some of them do not hesitate to add another feather to your hat. You can easily find the link for the best bags below Rs. 500 or bags below Rs. 1000 and best brands for bags.

Sling bags


These are the best bags for women who do not like heavy bags and want to keep it light by crry only essential. These bag s look super cute and best bags for offices. They have sufficient space to keep your touch for makeup, keys, cash and card. These sling bags come in various colors, styles and shape.

These start from Rs. 150 and can end upto Rs. 1500 or more depending upon the brands and material you are purchasing. Best designs of sling are Michael Korres, Lavie, Capresse, Van Huesen etc So, hurry up! And choose out your favourite sling to match up with your dress and style

Totte Bags

Best bag for college

These are the best bags for offices. Totte bags are also known as shoulder bags. They have sufficient space to carry your lot of things You can easily hung them around your shoulders.

They also have various designs and colors with different material from synthetic leather to natural cloth.

Best bag for office

These bags have enormous space to carry your notebooks and books and also. Hence they are also the best bags for college as well.

They are bit baggit but yes you can set a style statement by carying the tendy bags that loks classy

These shoulder bags also come in option for gym bags. You can carry your gym sessential in these bags also. If you want these bags to be more organised then you can place bagspace organizer to keep your essentials seperate so that they are easy to find. The best brands for totte bags are Capresse, Van Huesen, Mango, Bata, Lavie,. Apart from these many startups are also blooming with new designs and great material

Satchel Bags 

Best bag brands

These bags are in latest  trend. These bags are your saviour as they comes out to bes best bags for offices. They look so professional and gives you a look of corporate worker. They are required to be hung around with a long strap which is detachable. You can also carry these bags in your hand without the strap. They are the best bags for women in corporate.

They are spacious enought to swallow your all aily essentials. Even your lunch boxes. These are the best bags for girls 2020. The best brands fr satchel bags are capressie, lavie, van huesen and many more

You can easily handle your stuff in this bag as they have less depth than totte bags. Their normal size is Height:30cm; Width:20cm and Depth:11cm.


Different styles of bag

Bagspacks are the best bags for colleges. They are the best bags for school going and joins you best in offices also. They are worn around the shoulder to your back.

They have enlogated shapes, tw straps running parallel to each other. Now days bagpacks have come with eye catchy designs and prints that make them look fantastic.

They come in different cloth material, leather and synthetic leather.

They have two to three sections to store your belongings. Also known as handle bag. They have small loop at top to hanndle from there also. The best brands for bakpacks are reebok, nike, addidas, skybag, american tourister.

Here are the best backpacks for 2020. Go, grab your favourite! CLICK HERE

Best travel backpacks

Best Bags for travelling

Travelling requires puting lot of efforts in deciding what to caary and what not to becaue limited space. As the travel industies are growing rapidly., so is our favourite  brands comming with new ideas to make travellers happy with stylish and comfotable bagpacks wich have enough space to store their products and are light weight.

The top 10 bags brands for travel bakpacks are american tousrister, wildcraft, skybags, safari, fstrack , fgear, Quechela Declathon

They have minimum of two years warranty and the bags are have strong nylon texture that are good to carry. They come with water resistant capacity.

We are sharing few links for the best backpacks for travel 2020:

Best and trendy bags for men

travel backpacks

The shoulder bag is the best bag for men, which have enough sapce to carry their laptops, their protein shake and their electronic devices. Boys can also carry messenger bags or crossbody bags , suggested that they should not carry heavy items in these two as they are difficult to carry. You cannot move freely with them if they are heavy.

Again, here also the bag brands have done many technical and design changes to ehnace the satisfaction of their customer.

We have now variety of options for the best bags for offices and schools for men category.

Another new invention added in the list of best bags for men is anti theft nags that are  easily available online. Kindly check the links below for some of the most trendy bags for men in 2020 . All these budget friendly bags .

Hobo bags

Best Bags under Rs.1000

These bags are the best bags for offices bag casuals. These kinds of bags are large in size and have a unique style of crescent moon. They have an arched posture and can be worn around shoulder with the help of a strap. These bags are usually soft made of soft material that tend to sag when kept down or in rest. These bags start from Rs. 1000 and can vary upto Rs. 3000. These are the best bags under Rs. 1000.

Anti Theft Bags

Anti theft bags

We might have heard of Anti theft bags. there are so many theft cases witnessed by us  in our homes, offices , in public places and while travelling also. Anti theft bag come with certain features to resist these action of thefts.Few of the common feature are that they come up with muti -layered strong polyster cloth and nylon cloth that is very difficult and time consuming also if somene wants to steal your belongings  by cutting your bag through knife or blade. In short they cone with cut resistant technology.

Second, feature is that anti theft bags have anchor lock. This lock allows you to lock multiple sections of the bag together. It can also be used to secure our bags by tieing them to nearby pole  and no one be able to steal it from there.

Third feature safegaurds your importnat documents or belongings inside the  bag.They have a unique fabric that obstruct the frequency between 10 Mhz to 3 Mhz. This is designed to save you from tech savvy theives that want you to rob electronically.

Adding to the features they have got unique rooms for your gadgets  where you can store them safely.

Anti theft bags are considered to be best travel bags for travelling long distances.

Cross Body Bags:

Best Bags under Rs. 5000

These bags are the best for daily travel to work. The have a long strap with spacious pouch to store your notebooks, books & bottles. You can wear them straight around your shoulder or you can cross them across your body. They come with long adjustable straps. These are the best bags for the collge going people. They are the best bags under Rs. 500

Fanny Bags

Fanny bag

Fanny bags are also called waist pouch as these are bags worn around waist. The are is shape of small pouch where you can store your daily essentials like keys, cards, petty cash and  makeup for touchup. These bags are good to go if your out for picninc or to any party where it involves lot of movement and  you cannot look after your bag each and every time.

These bags are good for the places where you cannot keep an eye on your bag and do not have seperate lockers to secure them.

These are super cute and gives a very cool look when we tie them across the waist or stomach.

These bags are easily available between Rs.500 – Rs. 2000. They come in different designs from solid black to colourful. For party mode you can also buy sequin work or the one having sparkling body

School Bags for kids/tenagers

School bags for kids

School are the golden days in life.  Students like to have new things, new bags, new bottles in the start of new session.

We have multiple options in school bags. The design of these bags vary depending on the age group and class. As small kids like to bhave seperate pockets fro colors, books, lunch box, waterbottles, notebooks and books. So, school bags for kids come with multiple zips and sections. To attract small kids these bag have got the favourite super heroes and disney princes.

These school bags are available as low as below Rs. 500 and can extend upto multiples of Rs.1000.

You can school bags for kids here.

Teenage are the ones who like to look more subtle and are in favour of compressed things. So to match their taste we have newest designs in school bags.

Here, you can find the best latest school bag designs with the best brands of school bags.

You can easily find your perfect bag from the links shared  for the best bags below Rs. 500 or bags below Rs. 1000 and best brands for bags.

All the above are the best bags that one can cary to school, offices, party, travel etc.

You can choose your favourite one to set your different personality in offices and schools.

It is saying by our elders that as much you keep your self and belongigs oragnized,the more sorted will be your life. The way you keep your keep and belongings says alot about your behaviour and many times you are also judge o this critria during the imprtant test of your life.

So keep it simple, organized and sorted should be our mantra.