Pooja Mandir Decoration Ideas for Homes

 By Priya Gupta (Pooja Mandir Decoration Ideas)

Pooja Mandir Decoration Ideas for Homes

A mandir is a religious place of God in a house. We all have a small and pretty mandir in our house. Mandir is the most important part of our house and life. Because it keeps your house filled with positive energies and vibes. No matter you are a Hindu, Sikh, Muslim or of any religion, people want a personal place for the mandir and decide a good place and direction for their God. (Pooja Mandir Decoration Ideas)

As we decorate the other parts of our house and the rooms, so we should also decorate our mandir? With the easy mandir decoration ideas, you can decorate your mandir very well.

Depending on their economic status people decorate their pooja mandirs with colorful lights, carved wood panels, marble, and even expensive metals like silver and gold. So there are many ways to decorate mandir but DecoRatix will tell you some easy mandir decoration ideas for your home.

So don’t waste the time and come with us……

  1. Keep it Traditional but With the Best Modern Touch
  2. Go for Something New and Unique
  3. Create the Best and Perfect Atmosphere
  4. Glowing With a Pretty Orange Light
  5. Somber and Traditional
  6. Pretty Golden Glow
  7. Use beautiful accessories
  8. Use Beautiful Marble Mandir

Some major points that elaborate your mandir into the traditional decoration designs:

1.)  You can use these types of easy pooja mandir decoration ideas that are best for everyone to make their mandir perfect.

2.) Decorate your mandir in the traditional way with the modern touch.

 3.) A unique design that is cool and modern but keeps up with the traditional look. 

4.) We all normally prefer it in a traditional way of revering and glorifying. So go for some pretty textured walls with glass panel around and include a beautiful light to the ceiling.

5.) You can use beads with pretty Kuber Diya and some other wonderful traditional things in your mandir to make your mandir pretty traditional with the modern touch.


The mandir is one of the places where people feel positive energy and vibes in their house. So decorate your mandir with these amazing pooja decoration ideas.


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