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We are living in a world of technology. Technology has changed our habits and ways of living. (best smart home devices) we have depended so much on technology these days. Even for our smallest, we wish to have technology that would have helped us to do it. We desire to have smart devices for home, office and daily routine tasks.

But yes, there is no doubt that technology has made people’s life more easy and productive. Around us we can see everything driven by technology except our homes. Many of us might desire to convert homes into smart homes. 

Adding smart technology adds beauty and value to your homes as well helps you in multiple ways. many of the new houses are built in a way to accommodate technology and smart devices.

We have collected some of the essential smart devices for your homes which will help you in your tasks and increase safety and entertainment in our houses. Let’s Get some of the smart devices in our lives:

Smart Speakers:

Get the new trendy Amazon echo dot speakers with Alexa, to make your sound system more effective. echo dot is operated on artificial Intelligence Alexa. Alexa is capable of voice recognition, setting alarms , playing music, making calls and many other activities. You can operate other home devices as well through echo dot. All you have to do is command it verbally and the system starts to work.It is one of the essential devices to make a smart home.

It is a tiny device packed with surprises and acts as a host between you and other devices thus reducing your time involved with small activities. So, one should get this because it is smart, pocket friendly and adds value to your other tech devices.

Smart doorbell:

This is really a very amazing device and makes your house a smart home in the entrance itself.

You can easily record the visitors coming to your place. this smart bell is controlled by motion and touch. The doorbell needs an internet connection to perform. It can be connected to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

The bell will give notification to your phone whenever a visitor is there at your doorstep. You can talk with the visitor as well with the help of a camera and speaker.

some of the doorbells are highly efficient even to unlock the door which is secured by smart locks. All you need is to instruct and artificial intelligence will play its role. this adds one more layer to your home’s safety and security. you can keep the check on visitors arriving at your doorstep when you are not around. The most famous smart doorbell is Ring Video doorbell 2.

Smart Cameras:

now you might be wondering how a smart camera is different from other cameras that we use in our house camera. Smart cameras are processed by Artificial Intelligence. They keep taking pictures in a circuiratory way and are capable of drafting out the information based on these pictures. Apart from taking pictures these cameras are enabled with decision making power. The already fed algorithm runs and enables the camera to make certain decisions based on the situation

The best smart camera is the Arlo Pro 3.

Smart Bulb:

Willing to have more convenient ways to operate your home’s light. Then here’s a solution: Smart bulbs. These bulbs are again driven by technology giving a wide spectrum of advantages over regular bulbs. You can operate these bulbs from your smartphones and even with the help of smart speakers.

Their brightness can be controlled by the user according to mood. Some of the bulbs are even sensible to sunrise and sunset. The bulb when connected to your smart wrist watch dims when you fall asleep and brightens when it’s time to wake up. Waking up with a bright light instead of alarm sounds and fatigue.

Then they have got multicolored bulbs. You can control the color and their brightness according to your mood. All leading brands develop these smart bulbs and their functionality is way ahead their price. 

Smart display:

Having a smart house and not having a smart display is a total no-no. Smart displays are a more advanced version of smart speakers, they are also driven by Google Assistant. They work in a similar way as smart speakers do, the only difference is that they have got display screens. You can command them from anywhere in the room, and they will work accordingly. They can play music, videos and news. Apart from this, they are capable of displaying important reminders, appointments, mails on the screen.(Best smart home devices) once they are connected with your phone they are capable of showing your old memories captured in your phones, make video call.

Smart displays are available in different colors, sizes and prices. Depending upon your need you can pick your smart screen today  and enjoy its benefits.

Smart Locks:

We introduced smart locks under smart doorbells.

Smart locks work on electromechanical  theory. These devices are self capable of locking and unlocking as and when they receive the command from the authorised person. They are  a must to have in homes in order to increase the security of your place. These devices also send notification and alerts to the authorized device when they monitor certain activity or event.

Smart locks are installed on mechanical locks and hence upgrade their quality and security. As we know locks are incomplete without keys. So, smart locks also have a key but not a physical one. The key is set in a smartphone attached with the device. You can use a smartphone to lock and unlock . Also you can share a virtual key to the third person by email or sms and third person can use this key to operate the lock.

So having a smart lock can  reduce your stress about the security of home. 

Smart Thermostat

Thermostats are used to maintain the temperature of a place or a thing. Smart thermostats are used to maintain the temperature of your room and air conditioners. They are automated devices to set the temperature of your home. You can control the temperature of your room throughout the day with the help of your phone.

They allow you to have different temperatures for different times of a day. They also record internal/external temperatures, time of operations and inform you if your air needs filtrations. Smart thermostats are programmed to have a detection system for the number of people in the room. They automatically turn them off when the room is having no occupants thus, helping to save energy. 

Therefore one must have the above essentials to make their home smart.  Smart homes are saviors to the working professionals who can take charge of their home remotely. This helps them to keep themselves updated about what is going around in their place.

Increase safety, accuracy and energy saving by enabling smart devices in your smart home. (Best smart home devices)

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