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how to make pink Lips: Lips are the most sensitive part of our body. They need intense care and nourishment to look healthy.  Healthy lips are the ones with a smooth finish, not chapped, having light color.

Many times we neglect them, but that’s not good. Taking care of lips is not essential only for women but also for men.

We will be discussing lip care tips, best lip balms for their nourishment, and few home remedies to make them look gorgeous.

Why do we need to take extra care of our lips?

The skin on lips is much thinner than other body parts. It can easily lose moisture making them feel dry and chapped. Chapped lips are very painful and if not treated can cause severe wounds on lips.

Apart from this logical reasoning, our lips do so much for us, then why can’t we return the favour in return?? Well jokes, apart let us move towards the tips of caring for them.

Steps involved in routine lip care:


This is the major step involved in lip care. Exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin over the lips. One of the best tricks to carry exfoliation is apply a good lip balm on lips and allow it to settle. Later gently rub your lips with soft cloth or cotton pads. This will help you to remove dead and dry skin easily allowing your lips to breathe properly.

There are many lip scrubs also available in the market for exfoliation methods. But remember that while carrying out this process do not be too harsh on your lips.


 Next very important step after exfoliation is to moisturize your lips.Apply lip balm or lip moisturizes to lock the moisture of the  lips. This method prevents your lips from drying up, creates a shield between lips and harsh weather conditions.

Keeping lips moisturized will help to maintain their softness and health. Even boys should also moisturize lips at bed time.

Removing lip makeup:

It is advisable to remove all the makeup done during day time. Before going to bed or when you have returned home after a long day remove all the makeup including your lips also. Apply lip balm to moisturize them or you can also use home remedies that we will be discussing later.

Protect your lips from sun

The sunlight contains harmful UV rays which are harmful for the lips. It degrades the lip texture, color and invites visible patches. So, next time when you are out buying new lip care essentials try to search for the one which is having SPF content to protect your lips from harmful sun rays.


Water is a miraculous liquid. Drinking enough water for the day keeps you hydrated which in turn keeps your lips hydrated. Hydrated lips are healthier as they do not feel dry and chapped. 

With hydrated lips your smile looks more beautiful.

Reduce use of chemicals

Girls like-colored lips. Whenever we step out of our house we apply lip colors, lip gloss and lipstick to make our lips look attractive.

That’s pretty cool! But remember to avoid chemicals.High pigmented and high chemical content lipsticks tend to depigment your lips making them look dull and dark. 

Rather opt for lipsticks or lip colors that have a natural base. This way you can make your lips look beautiful with the least chemicals harming your soft lips.

Massage your lips

Massaging is known to help increase the blood circulation level in specific areas. One should massage their lips for 3 to 5 minutes twice a week. This makes them look fuller and healthier.

Massaging promotes the blood circulation which in turn increases the flow of essential nutrients in the area. 

For massaging you can use Vitamin E. Cut the vitamin E capsules and extract its inside material. Now apply this oil over your lips and massage it. Vitamin E is a great supplement for skin and hair, hence making your lips nourished, smoother and healthier.

Avoid Licking your lips

Many of us have a habit of licking our lips. Touching our lips with tongue or even biting them.

We should avoid doing this. They harm our lips very badly. Sometimes biting the lips lead to bleeding, cracked lips turning out lips to be super dry and clumsy.

Eat healthy and drink plenty

Try to have a healthy and balanced diet. Intake food which are great sources of vitamins and minerals.

Your lips say a lot about health and body. So healthy lips indicate a healthy body. Including Vitamins and other important nutrients will make your body healthy in turn making your lips healthy, enriched and soft.

Lip Care Products:   how to make pink Lips

Lip Scrub:

how to make pink Lips

There are multiple lip scrub available in the market. They are available with different bases and flavours . Many different brands are there delivering this product throughout the market.

The only tip for buying out lip scrub is to check least chemical content and they should not have too harsh exfoliating crumbles as lips have very thin skin

Lip Balm:

Lip Balm provides enough moisture to your lips and acts as a barrier between the environment and skin. They provide nourishment and moisture to chapped lips during extreme weather conditions.All you need to keep in mind is to  check for oil base and less chemicals.There are many lip balm recipe available online.

Lip color:

Always moisturize your lips before starting your lip makeup. This avoids penetration of chemicals into the skin and gives smooth finish. Try to apply light shades on a usual basis. 

Ahead of that opt for brands having less chemicals and more towards herbals and oil ingredients. If you are able to get best lipsticks having SPF, then it is a great deal!

Home remedies for beautiful Lips:

We have several products in our kitchen and garden area that can serve great purpose of maintaining our lips health:


Applying honey at night helps to reduce pigmentation or dark lips significantly.It even moisturize your lips and make them smoother and pink.


We can apply Coconut, Almond or Argon on our lips before going to bed or while doing make up. They provide intense moisture and are natural. They will only benefit your lips and will carry no side effects. Applying them before li color provides a perfect base for applying lipsticks.

Natural Pigments:

If you like wearing light makeup then you can try out for natural plant and fruit dye. There are many interesting videos available online that will help you to make your lip colors or lip bombs with least chemicals and toxins. You can use rose petals,fruit juices or even vegetable juices with beeswax or any other favourable base.

Be friend with citrus:

Citrus or Vitamin C is a great friend for your skin and hence is helpful in enhancing the beauty of your lips. Apply a few drops of lemon juice on your lips and rub them slightly. This will help to revive cracked lips and even make them a tone lighter.

So, we need to take care of our lips throughout the 12 months. Many of us have sensitive lips so they require a little more care. Never forget that your beauty is incomplete without a nice smile

To smile our lips need to be perfect. So take care of your lips and they will take your care.


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